NCAA 13 Duck Images (Read: Take With a Grain of Salt)

With the release of a uniform store update on NCAA 2013, we may've gotten a look into some more Oregon Uniform details. There are some issues, however:
Errors: Facemask is solid black. Wings on both jersey and helmet are off color (more of a tweak issue than an error).
Errors: None noticeable. Black pants have yet to be confirmed, though, I'm sure they're real.
Errors: Those jerseys could be these but they're certainly not what we've seen in the Oregon shops. Lends weight to the white helmet rumor.


Duck Metal Green: Confirmation

Well, the leaked photo of the green chrome wing helmet was real, or at least good enough for practice.

If you notice, there's no more 'O' on the back of the Chrome helmets anymore. Another downgrade, in my opinion. It has been brought to my intention that the 'O's on the Rose Bowl helmets were decals. So they should make an appearance.

Here's the full video:


Analyzing Oregon's "What To Wear" Schedule

So Oregon's official website has released a schedule of their football games with corresponding colors for fans to wear to games:
Now, last season, UO did something very similar. Being that the 2011 campaign is in the books, let's take a look at the results and see how close they came to matching the on-field attire.

Obviously G stands for green, Y for Yellow and B for black. The colors of the letters correspond to the accuracy of the fan's color to the on-field color. Green is a match, blue is partial match and red is a miss.

Last years schedule got eight games correct, two close and two wrong. The two close games, against LSU week one and at Arizona week four, are close because both had the fan specified colors in the uniform somewhere (if you count "volt" as green, which you might not) but a different color would've been more accurate (black against LSU and green at Arizona).

The two wrong combos came week three against Missouri State and week nine at Washington. Neither game featured the corresponding color in any significant way (a tiny black outline on the numbers doesn't make a set black, in my opinion) and green would've worked much better for both games.

With seven home games, four road games and a neutral site game to open the season, it seems like there was no bias to getting home or road games correct more often.

So this year's schedule is probably a pretty solid guess at each week's combo. A Nike Pro Combat Rivalry uniform is still probably in the works and other shenanigans might take place (it is Oregon...) but I'd expect this schedule to have a 75 percent or higher success rate.



Presenting Your 2012 Oregon Ducks?

Lots of rumored helmets and uniforms are floating around these past few days and I figured the Duck Tracker fans may want to see them.
Well, waddaya think?


Welcome to the Duck Tracker

This will be a home for tracking Oregon's football uniform combinations in 2012 and beyond.

More to come soon.