Oregon vs Tennessee: W 59 - 14

Oregon looked great yesterday in what I've dubbed the Highlighter Bowl. Yellow and orange can clash, but these particular shades looked great against each other.

The all yellow look was electric and something Phil and I had been looking forward to. It's a shame we wont see it again anytime soon...




A New Season, A New Schedule

It's a new year here at the Duck Tracker and with a new season comes the age old tradition of the Oregon Color Schedule.

As you may know, in the past, we here at the Duck Tracker have gone back to see how accurate the previous color schedule has been and therefor predict what we might see in 2013.

In 2011, the Ducks ran about a 75% hit rate. Eight our of 12 games were perfect calls, but about two of the remaining four were... less than appropriate.

In 2012, the Ducks improved to an 83% hit rate, missing only two games by telling fans to wear green and yellow when they should've worn white. Not bad, though, and a marked improvement.

So when the 2013 schedule came out, I took a gander and I noticed some things:

First, there's a lot of green on there, expect the previously unused Fighting Duck Green pants to help fill the green quota on those road games.

Next, only one black game? Only one black game!

And lastly, there is a call for a a white out next Saturday in Eugene. Given a leak of what appears to be a tweaked white jersey (vs. old) and seeing as they haven't had a white out at home in this set, I think it's reasonable to assume it's happening.

I'd expect another season with a high hit rate and a bunch of solid looks.
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